10 Best places to visit in Mcleodganj & Dharmshala

Namgyal Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Dharamshala, India, associated with the Dalai Lama. It serves as a center for meditation and many more…


1-Namgyal Monastery

Kangra Fort a historic hilltop fortress with a rich history dating back centuries, showcasing remarkable architecture and many more…


2-Kangra Fort

Dal Lake of Mcleodganj offers boating options to tourists. The peaceful & beautiful setting of the beat and many more…


3-Dal Lake

Dharamkot a quaint village near Dharamshala, India, known for its scenic beauty, trekking trails, and vibrant culture, and many more…



Dharamshala, is a serene town in India famous for its Tibetan culture, picturesque landscapes, and as the Dalai Lama's residence.



The Dalai Lama Temple in Dharamshala, India, a spiritual sanctuary and focal point of Tibetan Buddhism


6-Dalai Lama Temple

The Church of St. John in the Wilderness, near Dharamshala, is a historic Anglican church set amidst lush forests and many more


7-Church of St. John in the Wilderness

BhagsuNag Waterfall, near Dharamshala, cascades through lush surroundings, offering a tranquil escape and a popular destination for nature and many more..


8-BhagsuNag waterfall

Norbulingka Institute, near Dharamshala, preserves Tibetan culture through art and craftsmanship, showcasing traditional skills, art forms and many more…


9-Norbulingka Institute

Kareri Lake, near Dharamshala, a stunning glacial lake surrounded by picturesque, drawing trekkers and nature with beauty and many more...


10-Kareri Lake

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